Film Notes : The Thin Red Line

Best war movie ever. Ever.

The Oscar that Steven Spielberg received for best director instead of Terrence Malick hangs upside down. The Oscar for Best Picture given to Shakespeare in Love will be smelted and recast into the most inglorious gold-plated britannium object ever.


4 thoughts on “Film Notes : The Thin Red Line

  1. It is and I wrote up a beautiful and decisive post establishing this very clearly, but I withdrew my sordid prosody in the light of such powerful poetry that is Malick’s majestic cinema.

  2. Lost in the aether, but even so decisive…? How can I argue?

    I have more work to do, anyway. I need to examine how much my hatred of the book feeds my opinion of the movie, even though the movie is only a tiny nod to the book.

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