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On Creating Webcomics

This was filler for the sci-fi webcomic Crimson Dark


Doing a webcomic sounds about the coolest thing I haven’t tried. I’ve got ideas, but I don’t care enough about the art end of things to try it. Any artists wanting fame and fortune should contact me.

People Do Amazing Things : Part 8 : Getting Married

BEFORE asking Anne Miller out on an official first date, Michael Davoli knew he had to make two major disclosures. “I was terrified how she might react,” he said. “I didn’t think she would break up with me, but it was one of those things. You don’t know. You can’t help but be afraid.”


A friend had introduced them at a concert in fall 2005, and they happened to see each other again the following February when he was coincidentally moving into the same Albany apartment building where she lived. They recognized each other, and she immediately offered to watch his beloved Weimaraner on the stoop while he and his father hauled boxes to the third floor.

Within the week, he locked himself out of his apartment, and because she was the only person he knew in the building, he knocked on the door of her second-floor apartment. She used a credit card to jimmy his door open.

“She’s hot, my dog likes her and she picked my lock,” he thought. “That’s pretty cool.”

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Poetry Magazine : September : 2009


I don’t care for poetry about poetry, but Don Paterson is one of the better poets working in rhyme : Why do you stay up so late?

The best poem is from Atsuro Riley, who will have his first book published in the Spring of next year.

I like Raymond Chandler so the following lines from David Harsent were enjoyed by me:

they’re bound to meet up in the classic noir,

the private eye, the girl with a shadowy past, the old-style cop,
and it’s nigh-on certain she’ll have to take a bullet
or we’ll see her in prison blue as they lead her to the drop.

Malachi Black has a couple of good ones Drifting at Midday and Insomnia & So On. My favorite line: “Unfasten all the bones// that make a head, and let me rest”