Font Geeks : Helvetica

“If you think of ice cream, Helvetica is a cheap, nasty, supermarket brand made of water, substitutes and vegetable fats. The texture is wrong and it leaves a little bit of a funny aftertaste.”

“Lower case Ss are notoriously difficult to get right. But in Helvetica it’s not straight – you want to go in there and tighten it up. And the ‘a’ looks so woolly and ill-conceived, it really winds me up.”

-Bruno Maag


Inception : The Meaning of the Names

Cobb : spider, hence cobweb, also the character from Christopher Nolan’s first film, Following, is named Cobb and was a thief.

Arthur : Arthur Schopenhauer who has said that the spatio-temporal world is the world of our own reflection. Life is like a dream.

Ariadne : the mistress of the labrynth, a weaver.

Eames : first draft probably had him named Dr. Eams (but a variant of Edmund : rich protector). Sam Adams, a critic at Salon offers more :  Eames is “a tribute to the American designers Charles and Ray Eames. Although they are probably best remembered for their iconic furniture designs, Charles began as an architect, and the couple made over a hundred short films together.”

Saito : the word for website in Japanese.

Yusuf : Arabic for Joseph the Dream Interpreter from the Bible.

Mal : French for evil.

Robert Fischer Jr : Phishing is to fraudulently attain confidential information over the internet under false pretenses. Commenter Hollie adds that Bobby Fisher is also the name of chess genius. Robert connects to the next character as well.

Browning : Robert Browning, a poet who wrote a series of poems title Bad Dreams. Also : “At last awake / From life, that insane dream we take / For waking now.”

Genetically Engineered Anti-Malaria Mosquitoes

A team of scientists, led by Michael Riehle at the University of Arizona, have successfully bred genetically modified mosquitoes that are incapable of infecting humans with malaria.

“Completely eradicating the malaria parasite carried by mosquitoes requires three things: the ability to engineer the mosquito, finding genes or molecules that can kill the malaria parasite, and giving the modified mosquitoes a competitive advantage so they can replace the wild population. The first two components have been accomplished, but Riehle says the third represents a bigger hurdle. “A lot of research is being done now to give the mosquitoes fitness advantages so that they can replace the wild populations,” he said. “But it’s probably at least a decade away, and if this is ever used for malaria control it will take several years for population replacement to actually occur.” –Laurie J. Schmidt

Geri Doran on the Struggle of Writing

“A long time ago I read an essay – I’ve forgotten the author – about the ‘talent of the room.’ Plenty of people have a gift for word or line, the essayist argued, but can you sit for hours struggling over a passage while boisterous, compelling life goes on around you? Can you close the door, be alone, and write? So there’s that – a preference for the solitary trouble of making poems over all the other things I might be doing.”

-Geri Doran

Other posts of note :

On Andy Warhol’s Films

“Excuse me, Mr. Warhol, may I ask you a question? I’ve read all about your films, but I can’t see them.”

“Oh…” he said.

“Are they in distribution somewhere? Do you have any plans to bring them out?

“Not really.”

“You really should. A lot of people want to see them and they can’t.”

“Isn’t it better that way?”

-as told by Reid Rosefelt