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Book Reviewers Cliche : Top 20

1. Gripping

2. Poignant: if anything at all sad happens in the book, it will be described as poignant

3. Compelling

4. Nuanced: in reviewerspeak, this means, “The writing in the book is really great. I just can’t come up with the specific words to explain why.”

5. Lyrical: see definition of nuanced, above.

6. Tour de force

7. Readable

8. Haunting

9. Deceptively simple: as in, “deceptively simple prose”

10. Rollicking: a favorite for reviewers when writing about comedy/adventure books

11. Fully realized

12. At once: as in, “Michael Connelly’s The Brass Verdict is at once a compelling mystery and a gripping thriller.” See, I just used three of the most annoying clichés without any visible effort. Piece of cake.

13. Timely

14. ” X meets X meets X”: as in, “Stephen King meets Charles Dickens meets Agatha Christie in this haunting yet rollicking mystery.”

15. Page-turner

16. Sweeping: almost exclusively reserved for books with more than 300 pages

17. That said: as in, “Stephenie Meyer couldn’t identify quality writing with a compass and a trained guide; that said, Twilight is a harmless read.”

18. Riveting

19. Unflinching: used to describe books that have any number of unpleasant occurences — rape, war, infidelity, death of a child, etc.

20. Powerful


Luxury Towels

For when you want to splurge. Some things are truly expensive, such as houses and cars and computers. Then there are things that are relatively expensive, such as a $4 coffee or a $115 dollar parking ticket. Then there are little luxury items that seem expensive, but, since they are not regular purchases and will last for years, we think are relatively cheap.

Good towels and sheets fall into this category. You use them every single day, you appreciate how nice they feel against your skin, and they only cost tens of dollars more than midpriced brands. It’s a no-brainer. Cut down on the lattes and really enjoy waking up and going to bed in your own home.