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Lady on a Balcony : Rainer Maria Rilke

Lady on the Balcony

Suddenly she appears, wrapped in wind,
light in light, an outline,
while the background of the room
fills the door behind her

like the darkness of a silhouette,
a shimmer about the edge;
and you think evening is gone
before she arrived to touch the rail,

just a thread of herself,
just her hand, hardly there at all:
like a line of houses in the sky,
sufficient, moved by all.

tr. by Remy Wilkins

A translation by the premiere translator of Rilke, Edward Snow, can be found here.

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Terrence Malick’s Eccentric Directing Style

A line might be as simple as “Where is everyone in Charlie Company?”… Terry may ask that you say it again as if you are staring at a strange canoe. Upon trying to visualize a strange canoe, the actor says the line again. Terry then says, “no… that wasn’t it… say it again, but this time say it as if you are staring at a strange totem pole.” Upon commencing the lines, your eyes might tend to veer upwards in applying this direction, in which case Terry might shout “BUT DON”T LOOK UP!”


“Tree of Life” debuts in the Fall of 2010

The Rant of Blaise Bailey Finnegan III

Interviewer: Well… Where are you coming from?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: (pause) Well… I don’t like the way the country’s ran, don’t you know, and, erm… that’s pretty much what i was expressing in my poem. The government… the American government – they’re sneaky, they’re very deceitful, they’re liars, they’re cheats, they’re rip-offs. I mean, the American government is one systematic government that…that nobody can trust. I don’t trust them myself.

Interviewer: And how long have you been writing for?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Huh?

Interviewer: How long have you been writing for?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Since I was four.

Interviewer: Do you do this sort of thing a lot, like, open-mic kinda questions?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Oh, I love open-mics, I love coming here to do open-mics, absolutely.

Interviewer: What kind of reactions do you usually get?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Usually, people are… are pretty much in agreement with what I’m saying.

Interviewer: We overheard you before talking about… you went to court today for a speeding ticket?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: That’s accurate.

Interviewer: right. Do you wanna tell us that story?

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Jeremiah : Rainer Maria Rilke


Once I was as tender as young wheat,
yet you, you raging one, were able
to inflame the heart held out to you
so that now it boils like a lion’s.

What a mouth you demanded of me,
back then when I was almost a boy;
it became a wound; out of it now
bleeds year after doom-pronounced year.

Each day I sounded with new afflictions
which you, insatiate one, devised,
and none of them could kill my mouth;
consider now how you will quiet it

when those we devastate and crush
are finally lost and driven far away
and have perished in the danger:
for I want then amidst the rubble-heaps
finally to hear my own voice again —
which from its first moments was a howling.

-tr. Edward Snow