Even Futher Notes from the Farm

1. It’s okay to pick your nose while on the farm.

2. If a watermelon tasted like a cucumber we would think it was gross and wouldn’t eat it. If a cucumber tasted like a bad watermelon we would think it was delicious.

3. I hope it’s okay to pick your nose while on the farm.


Poetry Magazine : July/ August : 08

2 from David Biespiel : The Theory of Hats & Marvel

Geoffrey Brock : Prof of Profs

Wendy Videlock : My Moses

Robin Behn : My Hair

When I gather my long
leaf-colored hair
and make of it a stem…

Good lines from Dean Young’s Selected and Recent Errors:

Do you think the dictionary ever says to itself
I’ve got these words that mean completely
different things inside myself
and it’s tearing me apart?

D. Nurkse : The Play of Light and Shadow

We want to give ourselves away utterly…

Jack Spicer’s response to the US Loyalty Oath he was required to sign as a Berkley instructor is worth reading.
Also: A Poem for Dada Day At The Place April 1, 1958

Further Notes from my Summer on the Farm

1. I found out that my Father-in-law slept in a sleeping bag for ten years.

2. Sometimes when my father-in-law says “let’s see” it sounds -especially at 6 pm- like “let’s eat”.

3. Waving (a list): a finger, a nod of the head, a tilt of the head, a jut of the chin, and occasionally a full on lifting of the hand.

Indiana Jones Got My Money : Notes

X-Files + National Treasure + the ethos of Brendan Fraiser movies = Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones Movies Rated In Order:

  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  4. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Short list: Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

Sequel Idea [adapted from my brother’s idea]:

Indiana Jones finds clues that lead him to the Fountain of Youth which is really a time portal that sends him back a long, long time ago into a galaxy far, far away…

3 Posts on Poetry

1. From Belgianwaffle, a discussion of William Carlos Williams’ Red Wheelbarrow. Here’s a sample:


so much depends

the break between “depends” and “upon” allows “so much depends” to exist as a grammatical unit of meaning. Then the little ‘thunk’ effect as the eye goes down to the next line. Literally, then, depends upon.

a red wheel

2. Rain Taxi reviews one of my favorite poets Matthea Harvey. My review is found here.

3. Gary Sullivan breaks down reading a poem at his site.

Top 10 Video Games

From Entertainment Weekly (or the Top 50 Video Games):

1. Tetris
PC (1985 )

2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
N64 (1998 )

3. Doom
PC (1993 )

4. Super Mario World
SNES (1991 )

5. Guitar Hero
PS2 (2005 )

6. Street Fighter II
SNES (1991 )

7. Super Mario Kart
SNES (1992 )

8. GoldenEye 007
N64 (1997 )

9. Grand Theft Auto IV
PS3 and Xbox 360 (2008 )

10. Metal Gear Solid
PlayStation (1998 )

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