Cultured Caption Contest #2 Winner announced

from last weeks Cultured Caption Contest, the caption that would make the best movie is Patrick’s: Time traveling Hemingway in the front row says: “Who is this fag?” b/c Ernest would totally say that.

I was totally out of my league with two fashion references (Blues and Jon), but the winner is…

Matthew Petersen: “The Bull! The Flowers! The Buddha is grass slippers!”


I’ve decided that I’ll post these until I stop getting entries, which will probably be soon. Anyway, if you would like to enter this week’s contest click below.

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Cultured Caption Contest : No.2

Winners from last week’s contest:

Best caption for a t-shirt: Brian Murnion’s “48 hour film festivals are for Czech Republicans.”
I love that we got Malick (Murnion), Bunuel (Stevenson), Tarkovsky (Patrick), Bergman (Petersen), and the dying words of Goethe (Spairo).
But the winner goes to Josh Stevenson’s “I’m recreating Welle’s best opening shot, except that I and the camera are still. The city swirls around us.” because I find it romantic. It was an excellent round one.

Click below for this week’s scene:

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Cultured Caption Contest : No.1

There are many Humorous Caption Contests, ranging from The New Yorker to Cinematical, but I thought we’d try a different slant. Let’s try a caption contest whose goal is to provide an erudite quip, a recondite comment, a pretentious aphorism.

I won’t necessarily penalize for humor, but I’m looking for arrogant, show-off-y knowledge and/or obscure, artistic references, et cetera. I’m not above sending out a prize for the best one, but for now we’ll consider recognition as suitable enough reward. The contest will go for one week, after which (next Wednesday) I’ll declare a winner from the suggestions posted in the comment section and provide another picture to flout our obnoxiousness over.

The frame is from Krzysztof Kieslowski’s brilliant “Amator” (poorly translated as Camera Buff):