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“Where you went out the back door of that house there was a stone water trough in the weeds by the side of the house. A galvanized pipe come off the roof and the trough stayed pretty much full and I remember stopping there one time and squattin down and looking at it and I got to thinking about it. I don’t know how long it had been there. A hundred years. Two hundred. You could see the chisel marks in the stone. It was hewed out of solid rock and it was about six foot long and maybe a foot and a half wide and about that deep. Just chiseled out of the rock. And I got to thinking about the man that done that. That country had not had a time of peace much of any length at all that I knew of. I’ve read a little of the history of it since and I aint sure it ever had one. But this man had set down with a hammer and chisel and carved out a stone water trough to last ten thousand years. Why was that? What was it that he had faith in? It wasn’t that nothing would change. Which is what you might think, I suppose. He had to know better than that. I’ve thought about it a good deal. I thought about it after I left there with that house blown to pieces. I’m goin to say that water trough is there yet. It would of took something to move it, I can tell you that. So I think about him settin there with his hammer and his chisel, maybe just a hour or two after supper, I don’t know. And I have to say that the only thing I can think is that there was some sort of promise in his heart. And I don’t have no intentions of carvin a stone water trough. But I would like to be able to make that kind of promise. I think that’s what I would like most of all.”

-Sheriff Bell, from “No Country for Old Men” by Cormac McCarthy


oh, forgive me For Whom the Bell Tolls,
oh, forgive me Man who walked on water,
oh, forgive me little old woman who lived in a shoe,
oh, forgive me the mountain that roared at midnight,
oh, forgive me the dumb sounds of night and day and death,
oh, forgive me the death of the last beautiful panther,
oh, forgive me all the sunken ships and defeated armies,
this is my first FAX POEM.
It’s too late:
I have been

[faxed to his publisher 18 days before death]


or Listen to Tom Waits read Bukowski’s The Laughing Heart

In some ways J.J. Abrams broke the franchise with his contribution to the franchise. When he set up the impossible infiltration scene, the bread, butter and staple of such films, but then skipped it, jumping to its frenzied, improvised escape, the world was forever changed. To go back as though it never happened, to depict every little impossible scenario, feels tired now. The individual pieces are great, the skyscraper scene, the climactic battle, but the string tying them together is lacking.

The Leipzig–Jakarta list is a 100-word word list used by linguists to test the degree of chronological separation of languages by comparing words that are resistant to borrowing.

  • ant
  • arm/hand
  • ash
  • back
  • big
  • bird
  • to bite
  • bitter
  • black
  • blood
  • to blow
  • bone
  • breast
  • to burn (intransitive)
  • to carry
  • child (reciprocal of parent)
  • to come
  • to crush/to grind
  • to cry/to weep
  • to do/to make
  • dog
  • drink
  • ear
  • to eat
  • egg
  • eye
  • to fall
  • far
  • fire
  • fish
  • flesh/meat
  • fly
  • to give
  • to go
  • good
  • hair
  • hard
  • he/she/it/him/her
  • to hear
  • heavy
  • to hide
  • to hit/to beat
  • horn
  • house
  • I/me
  • in
  • knee
  • to know
  • to laugh
  • leaf
  • leg/foot
  • liver
  • long
  • louse
  • mouth
  • name
  • navel
  • neck
  • new
  • night
  • nose
  • not
  • old
  • one
  • rain
  • red
  • root
  • rope
  • to run
  • salt
  • sand
  • to say
  • to see
  • shade/shadow
  • skin/hide
  • small
  • smoke
  • soil
  • to stand
  • star
  • stone/rock
  • to suck
  • sweet
  • tail
  • to take
  • thick
  • thigh
  • this
  • to tie
  • tongue
  • tooth
  • water
  • what?
  • who?
  • wide
  • wind
  • wing
  • wood
  • yesterday
  • you (singular)




Martial 1.101 by David Ferry

First Miracle by A.E. Stallings + a line:

“Nothing but the white vowels of the wind”

Lost to View by Stephen Edgar

Also be sure to read Clive James’ excellent essay on technique

  1. Home page: 265,936
  2. 10 Things about Tim Tebow: 35,149
  3. The Seven Deadly Sins of Spongebob: 25,316
  4. This Is What A Shaved Bear Looks Like: 22,261
  5. Glitter and Doom : Tom Waits : Live: 22,133
  6. Batman 3 Poster: 20,851
  7. Julian Beever : Sidewalk Art: 18,396
  8. Indiana Jones by Another Name: 17,730
  9. Dreams of Flying: Jan Von Holleben: 16,719
  10. Art I Like : Gustav Klimt: 15,388
  11. Listen to Dirty Projectors : NPR: 15,199
  12. Ellen Page : X-Men: 314,290
  13. 10 Reasons Why Tim Tebow is a Man and You Are Not: 13,297
  14. Joanna Newsom : NPR: 9,310
  15. Neko Case : New Album: 8,994
  16. Book Sculpture: 8,864
  17. You’re the Best Around : Karate Kid: 8,079
  18. Trees Do Amazing Things: 7,252
  19. Art I Like : Martin Schongauer : Temptation of St. Anthony: 6,753
  20. Art I Like : MC Escher: 6,722


AS OF : 1/1/12

  1. batman 3 : 40,964
  2. tim tebow : 36,273
  3. julian beever : 34,040
  4. tom waits : 22,854
  5. spongebob : 17,737
  6. matthew mcconaughey : 13,796
  7. dirty projectors : 13,124
  8. shaved bear : 12,481
  9. amazing photography : 11,135
  10. sidewalk art : 10,900
  11. ellen page : 9,105
  12. joanna newsom : 8,479
  13. neko case : 8,336
  14. trees : 7,977
  15. amazing things : 7,557
  16. ashton kutcher : 6,019
  17. martin schongauer : 5,405
  18. gustav klimt : 5,179
  19. mark tansey : 5,128
  20. 3d art : 4,581

AS OF : 1/1/12



Or Not


What I Said When She Announced She Was Pregnant/Irascible/Leaving




What I Said When She Announced She Could Speak Spanish


The Next Thing I Said When She Announced She Could Speak Spanish


What Jose Said When I Mis-Sang the First Line of the National Anthem




One Letter Poems by Aaron Belz

The Needle Thief Dreams of Spears

a Twittah Novel by Remy Wilkins

1 “Hello, anybody here?” No sound. I enter anyway. I’m buds with Tom and Peggy, they won’t mind. I’m just returning a book.

2 I place the book on the kitchen table. Leaving I see a chocolate cake. They won’t mind. Plate-Fork-Knife-Slice of Cake.

3 Getting milk, I see a tupperware of braised pork, potatoes, green beans. No one wants leftovers. Only one serving anyway.

4 Forgot to lock the door. Shut the curtains too. Just cause Tom left it open for me doesn’t mean he wants weirdos here too.

5At the stove to caramelize onions. But uncorking a Malbec, I spill on my shirt. Unacceptable, gotta look nice if Tom returns.

6 Nice bathroom. Almost scrub out wine. Shirt is posh w/pink stripe. Shower has 3 heads. I hit it before my afternoon din-din.

7 Once showered I hear the doorknob rattling. I call the cops, find a towel the size of a bed, doublewrap myself and descend.

8 The thief picks the lock, I hide. I yell and dive at his knees when he enters. I mean she. Thief knocked out by hall table.

9 Thief dressed in business casual. Odd, but no time to think. Gotta call the fire department. Caramelized onion kitchen fire.

10 Cops arrive after fire dept. Useless jerks. I see Tom and Peg standing next door. They musta moved over the weekend. Crap.

11 I grab the book off the table. Running through the smoke, I exit out the back. Decide to save a really nice potted ficus.

12 Hope the CSI unit doesn’t DNA test. Shoulda poured Clorex down the shower drain to be safe. Wish I’d double flushed too.

13 Through a window I climb into Tom’s new house. Return the book. Then grab an overcoat to wear home. Check for undies too.

14 From Tom’s bedroom window I see them putting the thief/homeowner in the ambulance. No way can Tom fit into these corduroys.

15 With a new pair of pants, shoes, overcoat and ficus plant I slip out into the commotion. Wait, that’s not Tom. Where am I?

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