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“It is the nature of the Greek language to be exact, subtle and clear. The imprecision and the lack of immediate perspicuity into which English occasionally deviates* and from which German occasionally emerges, is quite foreign to Greek.”

*”When I say ‘English’ I do not mean the English of Administrators, politicians, and important people who write letters to The Times. Imprecision would be the chief quality of this language, but for its weary pomposity and its childish delight in foolish metaphors.”

–H.D. F. Kitto, The Greeks.

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  • Youngest son's soccer team kicks more goals than the other team. Still loses. 5 days ago
  • Hey buddy, nice purse. Yeah I know it's a baby bjorn & that you're an amazing dad, but the thing is you'll never catch me in that thing. 1 week ago
  • To forestall my midlife crisis, my wife is allowing me to put a racers stripe on the mini van. 1 week ago
  • I don't care if you think I'm crude & sexist, if I see you with two large coffee mugs and you're my wife I'm going to say, "Hey, nice mugs." 1 week ago
  • My wife gets me sexy undies cause she likes me to dance for- oh here she is. She's shaking her head and laughing. Oh. 1 week ago

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