Poetry Magazine : December : 2013



Always tempted to make a top ten list of Ange Mlinko’s extensive vocab. Some more gems in Epic.

Eileen Myles’ Prophesy is crass and necessarily so.

It’s uncivil of me to suggest, but Alex Dimitrov’s poem Together and by Ourselves is much better if you start in the middle: from “we must have been lonely people…”

A devious, but wonderful poem, Rebecca Hazelton : Trying Fourleggedness

Tomas Q. Morin evokes quite a lot in Nature Boy

Michael Dickman : Where We Live

Both poems by Patricia Lockwood are full of biting humor and dark forboding: Government Spending and The Hypno-Domme Speaks, and Speaks and Speaks

You must always read Rae Armantrout with interest: Geography