12 Tweets You Should Love

There are many fine uses of Twitter, but to me Twitter is for jokes. And since I love Top Tweets Lists I thought I’d take a crack at my own. I’ve cherry plucked 12 from my fav list from roughing within the last month or so.

Arjun Basu tweets short stories, often bittersweet, sometimes merely bitter, but always compelling.

There’s so much fun to be had with references to the past. Ephemeral jokes work best when the subject is ephemeral, like the above Skee-Lo reference.

Vladchoc is good at breaking jokes humorously.

Ted Travelstead is pretty much the most creative joke teller ever. He eschews established funny for the unmined areas.

Seinfeld Today is flawless.

Sometimes it’s the true things that make us laugh.

If you wanted to fight me because this isn’t the funniest Matt Roller tweet in the last month then I would acquiesce, because anything he tweets his star worthy and plus I’m a really huge sissy.

This is easily the most economic joke I’ve ever seen on Twitter. Aaron Belz is one of the best.

Uncle Dynamite escalates this joke perfectly. Stunning.

One of my favorite things about Twitter is all the helpful free advice for America.

This Tweet is really scary. Pretty sure it’s the plot of an upcoming Paranormal movie.

Sometimes the painting of the picture is the best part of the picture.


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