2 Poems on Movies : Armantrout & Belz

Avatar, a Poem

Blue computer graphics woman
with smooth cat nose, you are
purer, more in touch with nature,
and actually quite a bit taller than I–
and although you’ve discovered
that your soul mate is really just a
small, physically challenged white guy
gasping for air in a mobile home,
you’ve decided to stick with him.
I’d taken you for one of those shallow
pantheistic utopian cartoon giantesses,
but now I see that I was way off.

by Aaron Belz, via

My review of Lovely, Raspberry



The playboy scion of a weapons company repents. His company, he sees now, is corrupt, his weapons being sold (behind his back) to strong men. Alone, he builds a super weapon in the shape of a man. Now, more powerful and more innocent than ever before, he attacks.


The train halts. An engineer tells us we’re stopped because we’ve lost touch with the outside world. Things are happening ahead, but we don’t know what they are. This could represent an act of war. We stand in a field, no longer passengers.

by Rae Armantrout, via

also see: Good & Evil : Cummings & Armantrout

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