This Is What A Shaved Bear Looks Like


54 thoughts on “This Is What A Shaved Bear Looks Like

  1. That which may appear an angel of light or a beast of no overcoming, can, in an instant, be made clearly the absurd. Now to see… that self-deceived tempter attempting to distract the Child from the Creator and LORD over all in this spiritual world.

    All is known unto peace and the Way when once safely, empoweringly inside the Mind and Love of Christ Himself. Halelujah.

      1. I live with people freakier than that. Wait til they start twitching and prophesying that you need to have pickles on your sandwich.

  2. Maybe if they looked like this, people would stop feeding them at the National Park, and then getting mauled in their sleep.

  3. That is not a photo of a “shaved” bear. That is a bear with a bad case of mange. Poor thing….

  4. It is not cruel it is a skin condition which scientists are continuing to investigate and this is only one of the bears who has been afflicted. Nobody shaved this poor animal. Seriously people get some common sense. Why would a zoo do this unless medically indicated and how the how would a normal human get close enough to shave a damn bear?

    1. you’d be surprised at the fucked up shit that people to do animals in this world. im not saying this bear was purposefully shaved, but It is not a far fetched idea that someone would do that. This place might not even be a zoo. Look up bear bile farming, or vivisection.

    2. Well lets see Jennifer human beings are cruel and would do something like that. Not saying that this is what happened here. But please don’t seem so alarmed that someone would think a human would do this. How many animals today are extinct because of humans just plain doing stuff to them and or killing them just for the fun of it. Just throwing it out there. And no I am not an animal activist or a spiritual freak like the first lady but just saying, it’s not far fetched that shaving this animal for fun would not be something that a human does. WERE JUST CRUEL LIKE THAT

      1. maybe you’re cruel like that but don’t rope in all society, i love animals and would never do anything to hurt injure or mame one

  5. I have a beard and don’t shave myself, so I’m friggin certain I aint getting close enough to shave that mean looking critter.

    1. skinned? areyu dumb thst bear has mange or some sort of hair eating disease you think that could get you sick? NO ZOMBIE APOCALYPSES

  6. Wow! Now if I came across a Bear in the wild, I am freaking… BUT! This would actuall make me piss myself! lmao! … and yes,the bear was probably being treated for mange or heat. I do not think this is abuse. When was the last time you went out and tried to abuse a BEAR by shaving it??? lol

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