Poetry Magazine : June : 2011

The French poet Lucie Thesee’s poem “Poem” tr. by Robert Archambeau runs pretty hot.

More romantic Frenchies, Claude Esteban’s The Bend tr. by Joanie Mackowski who, wisely “opted to translate “papillion,” which normally is a butterfly, as a moth, mainly because butterfly is a goofy sounding word.”

The middle sections of Antione de Chandieu’s “Octonaires on the World’s Vanity and Inconstancy” tr. by Nate Klug are very good.

An interesting idea by Ange Mlink to translate two Arabic poems Lament by Lapid and Last Simile by Abid B. Al-Abras incorporating Anglo-Saxon words.

A very fine translation of Eugenio de Andrade’s The Children by Atsuro Riley.

A very elegant Swedish poem The Portrait by Edith Sodergran tr. by Brooklyn Copeland.


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