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Wallace Stevens : 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Long haikus about blackbirds

A metaphor for racism

False starts and fragments from an unfinished blackbird poem.

An outline for an epic poem about Woden travelling by train the East coast in winter.

Premodern tweets.

A creative writing assignment from high school.

An elliptic, though devastating critique of Edgar A. Poe’s “The Raven”.

13 failed pick-up lines.

His philosophical text expressing skepticism that the existence of the world requires the existence of a description that is true from every possible point of view, a description that would depict it in itself as it really is.

A peyote fueled phantasmagoria.

Lyrics to his indie folk rap.

A spec screenplay for Groucho Marx.

The Kuma Sutra of Connecticut.

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  • What's more embarrassing: that I'm eating gluten free rice crackers for a snack or that I'm even asking this? 3 months ago
  • Youngest son's soccer team kicks more goals than the other team. Still loses. 4 months ago
  • Hey buddy, nice purse. Yeah I know it's a baby bjorn & that you're an amazing dad, but the thing is you'll never catch me in that thing. 4 months ago
  • To forestall my midlife crisis, my wife is allowing me to put a racers stripe on the mini van. 4 months ago
  • I don't care if you think I'm crude & sexist, if I see you with two large coffee mugs and you're my wife I'm going to say, "Hey, nice mugs." 4 months ago

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