Kids : The Arcade Fire

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Kids are swingin’ from the power lines,
nobody’s home, so nobody minds.

Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)

My eyes are covered by the hands of my unborn kids

No Cars Go

(Hey!) Us kids know
(Hey!) No cars go
Where we know

The Suburbs

The kids want to be so hard
But in my dreams we’re still screaming and running through the yard

Ready to Start

All the kids have always known
That the emperor wears new clothes
But to bow down to them anyway
Is better than to be alone


Let’s go downtown and watch the modern kids
Let’s go downtown and talk to the modern kids
They will eat right out of your hand
Using great big words that they don’t understand

Month of May

The kids are all standing with their arms folded tight
Now some things are pure and some things are right
But the kids are still standing with their arms folded tight

Wasted Hours

You watch the life you’re living disappear
and now I see, we’re still kids in buses, longing to be free

Sprawl I (Flatland)

 “Well, where do you kids live?”
Well, sir, if you only knew what the answer’s worth
I’ve been searching every corner of the earth


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