Poetry Magazine : March : 2011


Kabir (c.1400s) gives his version of “But I be done seen ’bout ev’rything” in Brother, I’ve seen some and a bhakti turn of Isaiah/Hopkins Heaven-Haven in How do you, + some lines:

Any more than a dip
In the Ganges will send
Frogs -or you- to paradise.

A line from Sarah Lindsay : “When bones and flesh have finished their business together”

Though parts were off putting, Daisy Fried won me over with her long poem Torment. Highlights:

  • “Discarded newspapers-/ business section, money, real estate, auto-/ sift apart to quartos and folios underfoot.”
  • “I keep trying to look not-quite-40/ in a different way than I’m-not-quite-40.”
  • “She hands out slight, surprising poems/ apologizes, sips cardboard-container coffee/ in a recyclable sleeve, turns her BlackBerry to vibrate./ It moans like indigestion through class.”

Paul Hoover : The Watchman of Ephraim : + “expert in earth, eager in flesh/ he falls upon me and feasts”

Gottfried Benn : A Shadow on the Wall

And it is vital that everyone read Anna Kamienska’s Notebook selections.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Magazine : March : 2011

  1. dear the whole garden will blow:

    re: Fried’s “Torment,” you may be interested in my article on The Critical Flame (www.criticalflame.org). cheers, db

  2. The Whole Garden Will Blow? Heh, perhaps a prescient mistake. Or maybe a subtle insult. I will be subtly insulted either way.

    Thanks for the link though, Daniel Botch.

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