Top 10 Favorite Things on Youtube : aka People Do Amazing Things

1. Auto-Tune the News : #2 (ft. Sean Hannity) and  #3 (ft Ron Paul)

The brilliant ideas are always the most simple, and the above, pitching tv voices to music to have them sing, has got to be one of the internet’s best ideas. The Gregory Brothers have created the only palatable method of consuming the news not on Comedy Central. The series should be watched from the beginning to catch the running themes, but #2 and 3 are standards for me. Three months do not pass without the above striking up. More than just remixing the news the have other goodies too; an original song: I’ll Make You Mine, or a tuning of Obama’s response to BP debacle ( Obama’s Ass Kicking Song), or a remixing of a historical highlight: MLK Jr. Sings, to remixing regular joes Youtube offerings: the gleeful Mommy Daddy Song and its equally resplendent  Double Rainbow Song.

2. Embrace Life

Commercials aren’t necessarily the most heartfelt things in life, especially public service announcements, but the above video on buckling up gets me every time. Seriously, I am moved watching this. Of course, I get the cold sweats just watching these daredevils.

3. Vader Sessions

Vader is the subject of quite a few wildly entertaining Youtube baubles and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Similar in hilarity to Vader is a Jerk, the Vader Sessions remix Star Wars: A New Hope, but with snippets of James Earl Jones lines from his other movies. It is well worth it because the Vader Sessions understand that race is at the center of Star Wars.

4. Harry Potter Cribbage Match (We Are Wizards)

I’m not a fan of HP. I haven’t read the books and I only watched one and a half movies before deciding that the internet is much more worthy of my time. BUT, the HP commentary above is priceless. Lumbermouth is one of my go to epithets and I will use HP’s triumphant taunt at the end for the rest of my life, “I am a beautiful animal, I am a destroyer of worlds.”

5. Batman Gets PWND or maybe Batman Parody I can’t decide.

Consult Leeroy Jenkins for more video game nerdery.

6. Laughing is Infectious

If you can watch this video without laughing then you are not even human. Watching this on a semi-regular will add years to your life. If the quality weren’t so dreadful I’d have it higher. Laughing videos seem to be a dime a dozen but here’s another couple of good ones Laughing Baby Tear Paper and Baby Laughing at Boings.

7. Press Hop

Like Auto-Tune the News there’s great fun to be had in singing. This is more rhythmic and catchy mixing some of the more well known sports moments without the awkwardness of Boom Goes the Dynamite. Of course it isn’t quite as exhilarating as “I Caught Fire” but few things are. Of course, the most impressive (though not “found” on Youtube) is Thru You’s mixing of Youtube videos to make songs.

8. Sparkle Friends High Score : Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Gunge

There’s only so many Dudes Getting Flipped videos you can watch before your children want something more original. It might not be as original as this band, but it is pretty entertaining, with one of the catchiest theme songs ever, even more catchy than this.

9. Noah Takes a Picture

There have been plenty of people uploading a series of pictures of themselves everyday for howevermany x years, but this was the first one I saw and there’s something haunting about the way Noah looks, wind and time ravaged.  If this sort of thing isn’t your cup you can always watch Charlie Get Bitten.

10. Red Letter Media’s review of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Not since The Star Wars Kid has Star Wars inspired such an awkward and unwieldy thing and I’m not talking about Redletter Media’s review, I’m talking about the actual Prequels. The reviews are funny (and more than just a little disturbing) as well as sound cinematic sense. Scary Mary Poppins and The Romantic Shining are also deftly crafty, but I favor the epic-tude of these reviews. If you need more movie inspired silliness then check out 50 Impersonations in 50 Seconds.

Post your favorites in the comment section.


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