Rachel Wtzsteon resists Dorothy Parker :  Algonquin Afterthoughts

Bob Hicok : Feeling the draft + some lines:

my breath was the quiet yessing/ of tall grass

the play was messy and tangible and full/ of the etceteras I am full of

A short poem on love by Eleanor Ross Taylor : Vita

Joel Brouwer : Lines on Marriage

Peter Spagnuolo : Her Scar + some lines

A goatherd sings, slings a Kalashnikov:
the godhead mute since looters hacked it off.

Some lines from Dean Young :

the last polar bear sat
on his shrinking berg thinking
I have been vicious but my soul is pure.


Soon, my shoes will be part of the populous dirt.


I can walk by the sea holding a hand
with as much melancholy as the next fellow