Lady on a Balcony : Rainer Maria Rilke

Lady on the Balcony

Suddenly she appears, wrapped in wind,
light in light, an outline,
while the background of the room
fills the door behind her

like the darkness of a silhouette,
a shimmer about the edge;
and you think evening is gone
before she arrived to touch the rail,

just a thread of herself,
just her hand, hardly there at all:
like a line of houses in the sky,
sufficient, moved by all.

tr. by Remy Wilkins

A translation by the premiere translator of Rilke, Edward Snow, can be found here.

My other Rilke translations can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Lady on a Balcony : Rainer Maria Rilke

  1. hei desha me pyet nese ben disa ndryshime psh n vend te biftekut merr ndonje lloi tjeter mishii a mundet???ju lutem pergjigje sepse doja ta filloja kam shum kg dhe jam munduar ti hek por skam mu820#jt3&;:D

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