The Rant of Blaise Bailey Finnegan III

Interviewer: Well… Where are you coming from?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: (pause) Well… I don’t like the way the country’s ran, don’t you know, and, erm… that’s pretty much what i was expressing in my poem. The government… the American government – they’re sneaky, they’re very deceitful, they’re liars, they’re cheats, they’re rip-offs. I mean, the American government is one systematic government that…that nobody can trust. I don’t trust them myself.

Interviewer: And how long have you been writing for?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Huh?

Interviewer: How long have you been writing for?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Since I was four.

Interviewer: Do you do this sort of thing a lot, like, open-mic kinda questions?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Oh, I love open-mics, I love coming here to do open-mics, absolutely.

Interviewer: What kind of reactions do you usually get?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: Usually, people are… are pretty much in agreement with what I’m saying.

Interviewer: We overheard you before talking about… you went to court today for a speeding ticket?

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III: That’s accurate.

Interviewer: right. Do you wanna tell us that story?

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