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My experiences have convinced me tht behind every bad movie there is a brad script; also, that behind most good movies there is a bad script, over which some resourceful director has won a victory; finally, that in the desk drawers and studio files of Hollywood there are thousands of unproduced bad scripts, more numerous than toads during the rain of toads, and not much more cinematic.

-Larry McMurtry, Film Flam

Paul Thomas Anderson Disagrees, Mr. McMurtry.

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  • What's more embarrassing: that I'm eating gluten free rice crackers for a snack or that I'm even asking this? 3 months ago
  • Youngest son's soccer team kicks more goals than the other team. Still loses. 4 months ago
  • Hey buddy, nice purse. Yeah I know it's a baby bjorn & that you're an amazing dad, but the thing is you'll never catch me in that thing. 4 months ago
  • To forestall my midlife crisis, my wife is allowing me to put a racers stripe on the mini van. 4 months ago
  • I don't care if you think I'm crude & sexist, if I see you with two large coffee mugs and you're my wife I'm going to say, "Hey, nice mugs." 4 months ago

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