Best Poems by Month from Poetry Magazine : 2009

The best poems from Poetry Magazine by month in descending order (July and August is a double issue):

11.English Sonnet by Chelsea Rathburn Feb.

(runner-up: Vanity Flare by Wendy Videlock)

10. Teeth by Kevin McFadden July/Aug.

(runner-up: “Was you ever bit by a dead bee?” by Hailey Leithauser)

9. Island #2 by Yang Lian tr. by Arthur Sze Apr.

(runner-up: Stanzas by Sergei Gandlevskii)

8. Uptick by John Ashbery Mar.

(runner-up: Lines for Winter by Dave Lucas)

7. Idiot Psalm #2 by Scott Cairns Jan.

(runner-up: La Petite Vie by Allen Edwin Butt)

6. Tulips by A.E. Stallings June

(runner-up: A Marriage in the Dolomites by D. Nurkse)

5. New Endymion by W.S. Di Piero Oct.

(runner-up: Atmosphere by A.V. Christie)

4. Lascaux by Joseph Spece Nov.

(runner-up: Plumblossom by Eric Ekstrand)

3. Deaf Republic: 1 by Ilya Kaminsky May

(runner-up: Deaf Republic: 9 by Ilya Kaminsky)

2. Jean-Paul Belmondo by Valzhyna Mort Dec.

(runner-up: Non Redimus by Jill Alexander Essbaum)

1. O by Atsuro Riley Sept.

(runner-up: Insomnia & So On by Malachi Black)

Best Cover : July/August

Best Line : “in a world made brief with flowers”

-Dean Young, To Those of You Alive in the Future

Last Year’s Best


4 thoughts on “Best Poems by Month from Poetry Magazine : 2009

  1. I’m so glad you found La Petite Vie (Allen Edwin Butt), from January, as good as I did, especially for a first-time published poet.

  2. Oh, she doesn’t need to disclose that. Now if she wants to disclose whether you’re a good kisser or not then we might have something.


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