Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films

  1. Ordet
  2. The Son
  3. The Miracle Maker
  4. The Gospel of St. Matthew
  5. Diary of a Country Priest
  6. The Passion of Joan of Arc
  7. Decalogue
  8. Babette’s Feast
  9. A Man Escaped
  10. Andrei Rublev
  11. Au Hasard Balthasar
  12. The Seventh Seal
  13. Ikiru
  14. Winter Light
  15. The Mission
  16. The Apostle
  17. Trois Colours
  18. Jesus of Nazareth
  19. Jesus of Montreal
  20. Francesco Giullare di Dio
  21. Dead Man Walking
  22. Stalker
  23. Magnolia
  24. La Promesse
  25. Sunrise

[for the rest see MovieMail]

Many of these I haven’t seen, but quite a few are on my list. Glad to see a good selection of Kieslowski and Tarkovsky high up. Still working through Bergman’s catalogue, but what I’ve seen has impressed me, though  I rank The Virgin Spring over his Wild Strawberries. The Apostle along with Crimes & Misdemeanors and The Big Kahuna are bold choices but there’s still a lot of dross on this list: Dead Man Walking, Millions, Hotel Rwanda don’t strike me as weighty enough (but at least it isn’t Life of David Gale, Pay it Forward and Crash). I am happy to see that Magnolia broke into the top twenty five.  Yi Yi ranked at thirty is a good showing, for one of my all time favorites.  I would replace Dogville with Manderlay, myself. The most embarrassing choice is It’s A Wonderful Life. Blechk.

Leaving out Gattaca is unforgivable, and even The Truman Show should probably be on here too. Amadeus? Chariots of Fire? The Thin Red Line is far and away the best “spiritually significant” war movie, it’s a shame that it was left off, Days of Heaven too.


3 thoughts on “Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films

  1. The inclusion of Shadowlands and Places in the Heart, along with some you mentioned, do not seem fit for the top 100 in my opinion. However, the inclusion of the equally sententious To End All Wars (Godawa) and The Addiction (Ferrara) in the top 100 has always baffled me.

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