Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses

I like how she’s almost finished. If this is a feigned picture it’s a very nice touch.


9 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses

  1. Also, just remembered that Marilyn rehearsed Molly Bloom’s monologue from Ulysses for an acting exercise. No idea if she read it all – and I haven’t – but she was certainly familiar with the text.

    1. The photographer recalled: “She kept ‘Ulysses’ in her car and had been reading it for a long time. She said she loved the sound of it and would read it aloud to herself to try to make sense of it…”

  2. Is there any way to legally obtain a high-resolution copy (or a poster, as Jennifer McCrea asked above) of this image? Who owns it?

  3. I’d like to second (or third) the requests above; is there anywhere to grab a high-rez version of this photo? There don’t appear to be any reproductions through all the common avenues . . . Thanks.

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