Top 5 James Bond Replacements


He’s maybe a bit old, but he’d still be more convincing as Bond that Pierce Brosnan.


Chiwetel Ejiofor would add something no Bond has ever had. I’m talking about totally rocking hair, of course.


Seriously, what role would you not want to see Johnny Depp play?

Eduardo Verástegui, is Spanish and smooth and everything you’d ever want in Jose Bono.


George Clooney has built his whole persona around Bond, may as well let him play the guy.


9 thoughts on “Top 5 James Bond Replacements

  1. What role would I not want to see Johnny Depp play? James Bond. That’s what role. Depp is miles away from the level of coolness required for a Bond film.

    Perhaps Clive Owen, if he cleaned up a bit.

  2. Pope, I know you’re into that Conventional Cool, and Johnny Depp isn’t conventionally cool, he’s a new sort of cool, a little too cool for “cool”, but soon the new cool will be cool and you’ll think he’s cool.

    And Clive Owen? Really? I’d rather Owen Wilson. Clive is such a sad sack, he’s proof that anyone with an Accent and a Gallic nose will be considered a talented actor. I’m surprised you didn’t say Colin Farrell. In fact worst choices for Jame Bond:
    1. Clive Owen
    2. Owen Wilson
    3. Colin Farrell
    4. Colin Firth
    5. Chris Tucker.

    Bish, It is true that Clooney would take it back from it’s current “grit ‘n realism” routine, but these things come in cycles. We’ll be back to goofy Bond movies before too long.

    Jmelt: He can’t be Bond forever. I figure he’s got one more, max two more Bond movies in him. After that it’ll probably be Ashton Kutcher.

  3. Rems,

    I’d say he has a good 3 left – which makes him Bond for another decade. That rules out Clooney, DDL, and Depp – too old. I don’t really have another suggestion except to say that the landscape of cinema will have changed such that by the next Bond, this will be a totally different discussion. I feel like we’re still getting used to the superb Craig, which makes it too early for me.

  4. 1. Clooney would be the new Connery Bond, which would be awesome.

    2. I have an autographed picture from that Eduardo dude on the wall in my office that I almost threw away on office cleaning day today.

    3. I’d love to see Owen Wilson do Bond, especially if Wes Anderson would write it and direct it.

    4. I would certainly go SEE a bond movie starring Johnny Depp, which would differentiate it from the last five or so.

  5. I suppose you got Eduardo’s autograph through some Bella promotion? Is there are story you can tell us?

    I did think of Owen Wilson, but more as a Bond spoof than an actual Bond movie. Sort of the The Man Who Knew Too Little.

  6. A spanish bond would be moronic. Just because George Clooney is a wannabe doesn’t mean he would be a good Bond. HE sucked as batman and hed suck harder as Bond

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