Best Poems By Month from Poetry Magazine


Jan: Moose Dreams by William Johnson

Feb: Ross: Children of the Ghetto by George Szirtes

Mar: Conversion Comedy by Ange Mlinko

Apr: What is it to be human? by Waldo Williams

May: Seawater Stiffens Cloth by Jane Hirshfield

June: An Aubade by Joel Brouwer

July/Aug: My Moses by Wendy Videlock

Sept: Clary by Atsuro Riley

Oct: Tell the Bees by Sarah Lindsay

Nov: Ernesto Cardenal and I by Roberto Bolano (n/a)

Dec: Ad Hominem by Nicky Beer

Best Issue of 2008: April (Translation Issue)

The Karate Kid Question

Cinematical asks a question that always bugged me:

In the original Karate Kid, during the beach scene, Daniel and Ali are flirting while bouncing the soccer ball back and forth between each other. Remember this scene? Okay, now right before Johnny and his crew race down on their motor bikes, Ali — for whatever absurd, nasty reason — takes the soccer ball and kicks it toward the water. Now, if her and Daniel were having such a good time, why on earth would she do this since in no way does she appear to be playing a joke. In fact, she looks pissed off when she grabs the ball, turns and punts it toward the ocean … on purpose! Yeah, thanks Ali!

They also post the clip in question. The answer is really obvious but it always escaped me as a child. I think I just assumed that girls are jerks for no reason sometimes.

In other news: Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, and Hugh Jackman signed on to do Thundercats, the live action movie. The trailer is below: