10 Reasons Why Tim Tebow is a Man and You Are Not



Tim Tebow doesn’t wear shoulderpads, those are his shoulders.

We all know Tim Tebow performed circumcisions while on the mission field this summer, what we didn’t hear is that he performed them by throwing spirals twenty yards away.

Tim Tebow does not put his pants on one leg at a time.

Tim Tebow’s DNA is in bold type

Tim Tebow’s skinflakes are a source of nutrition called Vitamin T, it is banned by all major sports.

Tim Tebow doesn’t get sacked, a sack gets Tim Tebowed.

When Tim Tebow was born he crossed the “goal line” dragging two nurses and a doctor with one of his mom’s kidneys tucked under his arm.

Tebow doesn’t pray when he kneels, the earth does.

When Urban Meyer asked Tim Tebow if he wanted to play for the Florida Gators, Tim Tebow misunderstood, he agreed because he wanted to play with Florida Gators.

and the number one reason why Tim Tebow is a Man and You Are Not…

When coaches form T’s with their hands they’re actually calling for Tim Tebow, which stops the game in honor of his football prowess.


7 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Tim Tebow is a Man and You Are Not

  1. Nice. Even though I’m an Alabama fan I have to say “he is like a man among boys”. It may sound strange but i’m glad he chose the Gators instead of Bama because we might still be stuck with Mike Shula otherwise.

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