Midyear Movie Review : Best Films So Far : Watched in 2008

Rankings are subject to change as I get more perspective and/or watch better movies.

  1. There Will Be Blood
  2. The Darjeeling Limited
  3. Wall-E
  4. Sunshine
  5. Once
  6. Nobody Knows
  7. The Dark Knight
  8. The Savages
  9. Woman in the Dunes
  10. Beowulf

6 thoughts on “Midyear Movie Review : Best Films So Far : Watched in 2008

  1. 1.You know that TWBB is considered a 2007 movie, right?

    2.You liked Darjeeling that much?

    3.I haven’t seen a couple of those, but Dark Knight should be WAY higher.

  2. 1. You know that Woman in the Dunes is considered a 1964 movie, right? My lists are “Best Movies that I Watch in the Year in Which I Watch Them.” Snappy, no?

    2. Best Wes A. ever. Tho there’s a place in my heart for The Royal T’s and I did like Rushmore more the second time. The Life Aquatic didn’t do much for me, but it does have the second best deleted scene I’ve ever seen.

    3. TDK might move up. Nolan is the perfect action movie director, but his films don’t have much weight, which is more of a problem with the genre than anything else. In my lifetime action movie ranking TDK can only rank 3rd, tied with M:i:III, but behind Raiders of the Lost Ark and Reign of Fire.

  3. 1.Shmeaight. (and no, I had no idea what the heck woman in the dunes was.)

    2.Yikes. Rushmore is so far above the rest of his work, it’s scary. TRT is a distant second, and there’s another pretty big gap back to Bottle Rocket and Darjeeling, although I greatly enjoyed all of these films. I’m with you on Life Aquatic though.

    3.I have so many problems with this comment, it’s hard to know where to start. First off, Memento, The Following, and The Prestige are hardly action movies (he’s only directed 2 of those), and they have PLENTY of weight, as does TDK. Secondly, the best two action movies of our lives are T2 and Die hard, not necessarily in that order. Wowzers. And now the baby is screaming, so I gotta go.

  4. 1. You need to educate yourself. Teshigahara, film classic.

    2. I wrote a somewhat longish response telling you all about why Wes Anderson’s best film is The Darjeeling Limited, but erased it b/c who really needs to hear so many words on Wes Anderson? As for Rushmore I will say that we can all be thankful it gave us Bill Murray back.

    3. There is a place in my heart for T2 and Die Hard. It’s that place that likes to hear screaming guitars, explody, and Yippe-kah-yah-yeahs. In terms of action movies that I will “hold forth” on I’ll stick with Raiders and Reign of Fire.

  5. Rems,

    So glad you liked Darjeeling. I really enjoyed it though I wasn’t entirely sure why. I’d like to see it again, though Lord knows my life holds very little time for repeat viewings of anything these days.


    Tennenbaums is Anderson’s best work by a long shot. Though Rushmore may be his most enjoyable.

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