3 Approved Kids Cartoons

  • Charlie & Lola
  • Backyardigans
  • Oswald

Charlie & Lola is delightful, imaginative fun. The affection of Charlie toward his sister is unlike anything else on TV. The Backyardigans feature the best music of any kids show I’ve ever heard. Oswald is a bizarrely entertaining show. Personally I think it’s funny, but then again I think the fact that his dog is a hot dog isn’t grotesque.

The 3 Worst Cartoons:

  • Dora the Explorer
  • Go Diego Go
  • Wonderpets

 Some of the worst music in children’s television combined with the most insipid self-adulating you can imagine. Encouraging your child is great, teaching them to praise themselves after finding an apple on a tree is disgusting. For an “educational” cartoon it sure is dumbed down. If you really want Spanish flavored cartoons try Handyman Manny. Also, Wonderpets wins the award for most egregious off-key singing.



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