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From the Wiredblog The Underwire:

Waldorf75: so the second “narnia” film is definitely the most violent PG movie I’ve seen. and from Disney, no less!
Waldorf75: i mean
Waldorf75: this is a film with fatal swordplay, a mass drowning, and — unless I’m mistaken — a minotaur getting an arrow in the crotch
Statler76: Any movie where a talking badger is carried off a battlefield, “platoon” style, is OK with me. It probably shouldn’t be, but it is.
Statler76: As for the drowning, it’s in the Bible! So it must be OK for family audiences.
Waldorf75:: Oh, and there’s also cat bondage, plus a throat-slitting talking mouse

Statler76: Yes, pretty much everything involving Reepicheep, the swashbuckling, mass murdering mouse, is a bit disturbing
Statler76: He stabs people. In the face. And makes jokes at the same time.
Statler76: This is an animal supremacy movie
Statler76: Human casualties are totally disposable.

Statler76: Also: Glad to see Aslan is getting just as opaque, unreachable and riddle-prone as his Judean counterpart. This is starting to feel like real religion, not just mild Christian allegory with big gay centaurs.

If you don’t know, Indiana Jones came out yesterday. In honor of the occasion Cinematical lists 7 knock-offs.

  • Christian Bale has signed on to do the new Terminator Trilogy. Wow, right after doing three Batman movies.
  • King Lear is set to move forward with Kiera Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Anthony Hopkins.
  • Sadly, Matthew McConaughey will not be playing Captain America.

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