Iron Man : Thoughts : And the Two Old Men Sitting Behind Me

[On the Movie]

Totally unbelievable. Yeah, I know. There’s no way a news program would have the guts to show corporate America’s arms dealings. Aside from that, totally believable I thought.

Everyone was talking about Downey Jr. but the rest of the cast was great as well. The Dude was brilliant and Gwyneth Paltrow, the lead singer of a band named Coldplay, did a pretty good job in playing Pepper Potts. That easy slide into a romantic relationship was cheap and they’ll regret it as they move forward on the sequels, but there’s still a lot of dramatic mileage that they can get between Potts and Tony Stark.

Of the recent competent hero movies Iron Man was the only one that made me want to be a superhero. Did anyone else experience that? Batman and Spiderman are neat to watch, but they didn’t make me wish I had their abilities so that I could go heroing. Perhaps it’s the pervert suits those guys wear.

[On the Two Old Guys Sitting Behind Me]

Yes, Mike Myers is an idiot.

Hey, you’re right, Pepper is going to kiss him.

I am watching this.

Yes, I’m pretty sure we all knew that the car was going to get it at some point.


Less Commercials

Fox announced this week that Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse and JJ Abrams’ Fringe will be six minutes longer per episode. This is part of the “Remote-Free TV” movement.

To counteract TiVo, Fox is attempting to free their viewers from their remote controls for both new shows next season with the announcement that the entire season of each series will run “with limited commercial interruption.” The ads that will remain will come in packets of three. Fox Entertainment chairman Peter Liguori is fairly open about the reasons behind the change:

[We’re giving viewers] less reason… to grab the remote and change the channel… We need to give viewers new reasons to come to network TV. [Also, it] gives extra attention to the show, and helps series when they go to DVD, foreign and syndication.