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I watched “There Will Be Blood” for the second time last night and I’m starting a review. To sate your desire for thoughts on Paul Thomas Anderson I pass on this link.

“Covetousness, greed, lust for ownership, is only -is precisely- the perversion of care. It is the love not of things or people, but of having.”

-Francis Farrar Capon, Bed and Board

“We are not a materialistic age at all. We would be better off if we were. We are the most devilishly spiritual of all ages: Poor old matter, like poor old flesh, takes a bad drubbing. Far from caring too much for it, we are forever busy beating it out of its natural shape into fetishes and status symbols which are more to our liking.”

-Francis Farrar Capon, Bed and Board

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  • For the low cost of solving World Hunger you can support Politics! 6 months ago
  • My wife thinks I'm doing a Jim Gaffigan routine, but I'm actually just repeating the word vodka in my happy voice. 6 months ago
  • My wife is in the Baby-Wants-Chinese-Food Trimester. 6 months ago
  • Wife: What are you working on? Me: My blood alcohol level. Wife: ... Me: BaDum TSS!* *[me falling into drumkit] 7 months ago
  • What do you call it when you use bourbon instead of vodka in a Bloody Mary? Oh yeah, an alcoholic. Right. 7 months ago

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