Poetry Magazine, Mar. 08

Jorie Graham has another poem in this issue (again not available on the Poetry website), but in the discussion of the poem she describes the poems in her forthcoming book Sea Change as “a series of exploded haikus”. The poem was inspired by this Matisse picture.

Terrance Hayes has a couple of poems that stand out, Ode to Big Trend and Stick Elegy.

H.L. Hix: “I take my troubles scribbled, not erased.”

“and so I came to the love of others.” Karl Kirchwey, Lemnos

Ange Mlinko was inspired by Rene Girard (no joke):

“Once you suggest the origins of music lay in the necessity of drowning out the cries of            sacrificial victims, I start listening for them—the cries—under my own singing.”

In From the Towers Heather McHugh opts for meaninglessness and ineffectiveness and desires to be passive in the face of the world’s senselessness, but allows herself to be terrified by the crank biblicist.