Radiohead Lyrics I Sing to Myself

  • When I am King you will be first against the wall
  • I’m a reasonable man, get off my case, get off my case, get off my case
  • I keep the wolf from the door but he calls me up calls me on the phone tells me all the ways that he’s gonna mess me up
  • Come on, come on Holy Roman empire Come on if you think Come on if you think You can take us on
  • Ice age coming Ice age coming Let me hear both sides Let me hear both side Let me hear both- Ice age coming Ice age coming Throw it in the fire Throw it in the fire Throw it in the- We’re not scaremongering This is really happening

13 thoughts on “Radiohead Lyrics I Sing to Myself

  1. The first one sounds like you are getting ready to kill someone.

    Am I to understand that the rest of their lyrics that don’t necessarily mesh with Christianity, you just hum along and take it? What about the temptation to sing along – are you just above it? Nice.

  2. You’re making this way too complex than it is. If something is offensive to the Almighty I don’t sing it. I don’t think it’s a valid excuse to say that they’re not your words, you’re just singing them. Do you want to defend the practice of singing lyrics that are offensive to God or do you just want to defend singing Let it Be?

  3. I’m defending listening to music that may or may not be offensive to God. Do you admit that some of the music you listen to may be offensive to God? How do you know? If it might be, maybe you shouldn’d listen to it, because listening to music tempts you to sing along. Or is it ok to listen to something like Tool, as long as you don’t sing along? How about rated R movies? If you watch Wedding Crashers, you might be tempted to quote movie lines that may be offensive to God.

    My whole point is that your logic here is pietistic at best, and insane at worst. I think it sounds ok in theory, but taken to its logical conclusion, it just doesn’t hold water – it’s really an argument against ALL secular music and art for that matter.

  4. And why isn’t it a valid excuse that it’s someone else’s words? Sung in a different context, why do they have to be offensive to God? Just yesterday, I was singing along to “Angel” by Jack Johnson. For all I know, he was being ironic, and singing it to Satan, which would be offensive to YHWH, but when I sang it, only images of Lacey came to mind. I could go on and on here, but I’ll shut the heck up.

  5. Meltdown, I still don’t know where you’re getting most of this. I haven’t said you must look into the hearts of all musicians before you can sing their songs. All I’ve said is that if the song is offensive to God then you shouldn’t be singing it. I can’t see how this is controversial.

    Jon, Let Down is my favorite Radiohead song. When I sing it, I usually sing all of it. But yes, that is a good one.

  6. I want to know how you decide if a song is offensive to God, that’s all. It’s a slippery slope my friend. Also, what if you just LISTEN, but don’t sing? Seems like a double standard, since you are always TEMPTED to sing. Either way, if you are singing a song that might seem to be offensive on the surface, but your heart is in the right place, how is that any different than watching the filth of Boogie Nights, but seeing the Gospel? I’m just seeing massive inconsistencies here, if not downright pietism.

  7. You’re not seeing inconsistencies, what you’re not seeing is some sort of 10 point standard that applies easily to all media. I’m not interested in giving 10 Easy Steps. There continues to be a difference between what I’m saying and what you’re upset about.

    I said that singing “Let it Be” is the anti-Lord’s Prayer and I said we shouldn’t be singing it. I didn’t do this is a shrill pietistic way, I said that it was boring. If I caught you singing the Beatles I’d probably call them “overrated” and sing a silly Britney Spears song. I like lots of overrated things, my own self being one of my current favorite overrated things.

    If you want to argue in favor of Let it Be, fine. Or if you want to bring up a specific song and see what I think about it, let’s do that. But please don’t give me what you think my position is and then call it inconsistent.

  8. “But being forced to hear these lyrics I realized their most famous songs are simply blaise heretical thought.”

    Dude. You didn’t merely call them overrated and boring. You said they were heretical, and then began a thread about sung prayers and offenses to YHWH in general for all music/lyrics/songs. That quoted statement sounds pretty shrill to me, as did much of your rhetoric after. But I’m not upset, far from it. See, I’ve heard you throw around big, broad stuff like this before, and I just kind of jab back and laugh with you.

    And I never said: this is what your position is, and it’s inconsistent. I’m seeing inconsistencies in your comments here, and what I’ve heard you say in other forums about other things. If you want to give me your ACTUAL position, fine, and if you felt I put words in your mouth, I apologize. I guess that’s the problem with written media, rather than you and I just sitting down like the old days and having a conversation about this.

    But this brings us around full circle. You are saying we are singing to the Lord (or at least that is what it sounds like to me), and I am saying that outside of worship, we aren’t. When I sing “Let it Be”, I have in my head things like the Iraq war, or an argument I had with Lacey after I apologized, and I’m singing about that stuff. Or some such nonsense. When I sing, “Nothing’s gonna change my world”, the Lord knows my heart, and that I don’t actually think that Nothing’s gonna change my world. I think it’s a bit ridiculous to insinuate that I do, if that’s what you were even insinuating. If you are saying they are boring, and that you think their lyrics suck, and you’d rather listen to Radiohead, fine, no problem, you have your opinions. But when you transfer that thought to not only boring but heretical, and not only the Beatles, but all singing of lyrics, that’s when I start to have a problem. But it’s all good.

  9. Ah, I see the problem. I meant “Blase”, meaning boring, and I wrote “Blaise” which is the first name of Pascal. So my point is that the Beatles are heretically boring. Not meaning heretical, they can’t be heretical.

    I also said that everything we sing is before the Lord. I think He pays attention to us outside of worship. I think words matter no matter where you are.

    I’ve also said that Let it Be is the anti-Lord’s Prayer. As Christians we don’t get the option of “letting things be”. We are called to take responsibility for the world. Besides singing that song while thinking about the Iraq war doesn’t sound like very much fun to me.

    I haven’t “transferred my thought” to “all singing of lyrics”. My thought is specific to the Beatles and specific to three songs.

    But like I said, whether we agree to sing or not sing Beatle songs is secondary to agreeing to put on aviator glasses and singing Sabotage while jumping off the couch.

  10. Well, we still disagree on a number of points, but you’re right, the Sabotage “incident” takes precedence. Thanks for giving me another laugh about that, I feel like I should call Christin and reminisce.

    BTW, I never congratulated you on the new one – Oz, eh? Care to elaborate on why? Is he a wizard? Anyway, our prayers are with Bethany, the baby, and your fam.

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